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Sam Mutimer


It was her love of sport that brought Sam to Australia, and this passion sees Sam expertly guide elite athletes through the terrains of personal branding and growth marketing. Athletes trust Sam because she knows that without challenge to provoke you, you cannot transform the way you think and act, either on the field or online.

Trusted to advise on all things digital, as Social Media resident for Channel 7, The Financial Review, The Age and The Herald Sun, Sam has gained popularity as an expert, speaking at corporate events for top tier brands in Australia, England, Germany and South Africa. Her energy is infectious, her advice is sound, authentic, and achievable.

As CEO of TTS, Sam has built her business over the last 11 years off the back of mistakes, learning curves and challenges inherently unique to working with  technology in a constant state of flux: pivoting is necessary, refocusing is critical.

Permanently guided by the ‘why’ Sam grows the narratives of brands through education, strategy, creativity, and partnerships and reminds everyone she meets that if you really want something bad enough, you’ll always find a way to make it happen.

Sam Mutimer
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