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About Us


Committed to providing ongoing development

The Officiating Collective is an organisation that provides support, education and training, and professional development to all sports officials at various stages of their development pathway.


Many sporting organisations do not have sufficient available resources, nor the reach to facilitate learning or education within these areas of individual needs.


With more than 40 combined years of experience in the development and support of sports officials, we have contacts, relationships and networks that allows us to bring together a collective of specialist skill sets and experiences to support the holistic development of sports officials.


With this in mind, we have engaged specialists in the life skills areas such as Nutrition, Psychology, Recovery, Mental Toughness, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Media, Personal Branding, Vision, Accounting, Coaching and Mentoring just to name a few.


This resource, available to all sports officials from community to elite, will continue to grow and develop, providing more and more opportunities. In addition, we aim to support every organisation that requires sporting officials and provide specialist advice and skills assisting and supporting needs.


Officials have the right to education and training, and we plan to provide it.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the perception and culture of officiating, while also providing quality officiating development education.


A supportive environment offering a space for officials to learn, develop, discuss, and challenge, will provide critical skills to assist in adapting to the sometimes harsh, yet rewarding, environment of the sporting world.


We want to provide a platform for all officials to learn and share experiences with the focus on valuing their contribution, whether it be in community sport or in elite and professional setting.


What we do


Our specialists provide education and training delivered in various forms such as fact sheets, case studies and webinars. These will be hosted on our website and available to all members.


Resources will be delivered in a tiered structure targeting the support and development of Community and Pre Elite / Elite officials.


Each 6 month cycle, specialists will provide a series of education resources assisting the development of individual officials.



The Officiating Collective will be working with National and State Sporting Organisations and State Governments by providing avenues and partnerships in Professional Development, Research, Consultancy and Advocacy.


As the organisations grows, so will the resources and supporting systems. It is envisaged that we will be hosting conferences/summits, leadership development, grants and funding programs for women, indigenous and disadvantaged population groups.


Continuous Improvement

Officiating Collective work to continuously improve our support base, constantly building on our networks and resources to help give you the best support we can.


All members will have the opportunity to provide ongoing feedback to Officiating Collective regarding content, content delivery, topics and wish list.


Ongoing relationships with specialists and continuous exploration of new trends and requested topics to cover.

Content Review

Continuous reviewing of resources by specialists and Officiating Collective Education Director.


OC is committed to reinvesting financial income into the continuous development of resources. Minimising profits and growing opportunities for officials to access resources financial support.


Our Founders

Ash Synnott

Ash Synnott


With more than 25 years experience working with sports, athletes, coaches and officials, Ash specialises in human resources, workforce planning, officiating pathways and development. Ash, an experienced public speaker, managed the international renowned National Officiating Scholarships for more than 10 years.

Steve Clark

Steve Clark


Well known for his 25+ years with the NRL with both on and off field Officiating success. Steve has developed Officials Academies, Womens Leadership Courses and implemented attraction and retention strategies. Steve's experience as a match day official will support resource development.

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