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Lynn Cowie-McAlister


Wife, mother, industrial officer, small business owner and educator.  Lynn Cowie-McAlister retired from international hockey umpiring in 2016 after being ranked in the top 4 umpires in Australia for over a decade and the top 30 umpires in the world.  Lynn is now a member of the Hockey Australia Officiating committee and has been recognised by the Federation of International Hockey as an umpire manager.

Lynn actively contributes to officiating in her sport at local, state, national and international levels.
Lynn has developed and designed a high-performance officiating conflict resolution and professional assertiveness training which has been utilised around the country by a variety of sporting codes. She has also been the keynote speaker and guest panel member at a number of high-profile events.

Lynn has travelled the world with her sport and brings not only a top-level umpiring perspective but also a unique, real life insight into the importance of officiating.

Lynn Cowie-McAlister
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